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The 502 Story

The history of 502 is a story of pluck that exemplifies the spirit of entrepreneurialism:   Blade Mages didn’t set out to create a production company, but he wasn’t going to let a decisive opportunity pass him by. At 19, he was working at the Manhattan airport and frustrated because his plan for the future […]

Everything was hotsy-totsy at the Addy’s this year.

When we heard the AAF was putting on the ritz for this year’s shindig, we pulled out our glad rags and piled in the 502 jalopy to head to the joint. After a splash of giggle water and a mad case of the heebie-jeebies, we made off with some of the goods for our talkies […]

Sweet Surprise

We just found out that Graphic Design USA* selected us to receive a 2016 American Graphic Design Award in the Pro Bono category for the work we did for The Guardians’ Blues & Bourbon event and we couldn’t be more thrilled! Earlier this year, we were honored to help The Guardians with their fundraising event, Blues & Bourbon. […]

A Great Time To Be Alive! Meet Collin Williamson.

Okay, so he’s not so new. We’re just finally blogging about it. Don’t worry, he’s not mad…. Probably. Born in Pueblo, Colorado and raised in Lyndon, Kansas, Williamson graduated from Kansas State University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with an emphasis in photography and a minor in advertising. In between turning in killer assignments […]

Putting the awesome in awesome intern

She loves rabbits, french fries and the Konza. She participated in competitive Irish dancing for over a decade, has been chased by a Komodo dragon and, one time, jumped in a tank with a few crocs. She spent a year in Australia, loves to travel, feels that Emojis are life, and to put the cherry […]

Smooth Operator: Meet Tom

Our resident sports enthusiast, Evernote community leader, Clark Griswold and C.S. Lewis quoter and last but not least, the new Operations Director at 502. Tom was raised in Wichita, attended K-State and fell in love with the Little Apple. As an undergraduate, he worked in K-State Athletics, which led to his first job with ESPN […]

Meet Sam. Our Resident Jayhawk.

It goes without saying that oftentimes most of the work gets done behind the scenes. So, we introduce you to Sam Coonrod, our newest addition to 502 Media Group, and Account Coordinator extraordinaire. Sam excels at keeping us organized behind the scenes, and has a hand in just about all the work here at 502 […]

We believe… we can fly!

We waited nine months, but the day is finally here. After nine long, laboring months, filled with uncertainty, fatigue, and occasional queasiness, we can finally announce our agency’s new bundle of joy. Yes, dear friends, it is official. It’s a… Section 333 Exemption from the FAA. Cute, right? With the exemption, we’re cleared to legally operate a drone for […]

He on point Phife. All the time, tip. Meet Aaron.

We would like to present Aaron Apel, Account Strategist, 80s & 90s hip-hop connoisseur, and 502 Media Group’s newest addition. He is not “Licensed to Ill”, but he has been known “To Pimp a Butterfly”. Aaron has called the Flint Hills area home for over a decade, graduating from Kansas State University with a bachelor’s degree […]

Best Work of 2015

Mad Men. Gosh, what an era. A time of Twiggy, orange colored furniture, lots of cigarettes, and dapper dress. A time of pocket protectors, bouffants and beehives. A time where floral prints, polka dots and really good scotch ruled the world.   And we nailed it. Last Saturday evening, the Topeka Performing Arts Center and […]